Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mum in a time of conservatives - Drown your sorrows

Drown your sorrows. In water. 

Seriously, have you actually looked at the cost of decent bottle of Champagne recently? And the kids Fruit Shoots and J2O don't come cheap either.
You could all switch from all those expensive not to mention calorific, bottles and cans. Clearly I don't mean bottled water, because who the hell is going to have the cash to splash on Buxton, plain old tap water. No sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no calories and no hangover. 

Healthy? Check! 
Money saving? Check!

Green? Well there is no packaging and no air-miles so Check! 

Lefty? No cans and bottles means no extra money for Rexam's Tory supporter Graham Chipchase and what could be more lefty than a product for the masses? So, "hell yes" Check!

Just don't add whiskey......

(Yes this is a little tongue in cheek, I need something to lighten my mood. But seriously water is great stuff. Want some ways to make water more interesting? Click here )

Mum in a time of Conservatives

I think if you know me or have followed me on Facebook you'll know that the 2015 UK General Election did not go the way I wanted it. Not at all. 

I could bang on about how the way the Liberals bungled it 5 years ago lead to this, I could blame the media (and I do, very much so) or the rise of the SNP, I could explain how the marketing of Labour totally failed or how the greens lived inside their own media bubble. But I'm not the most acute political mind ever, I do have opinions (see my facebook page) and I am reading the analysis coming out in the media but my main concern is: 


My aim on this blog (at least until I get bored or employed on something else) is to give what will hopefully be a lighter hearted way for us 'lefty' and eco-conscious mums to a) survive and b) make a difference.