Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Mum in a time of conservatives - A load of hot air.

Honestly I can be a bugger for using up the earth's valuable resources. I could just get my local MP to stand in front of the wrack of wet clothes and ask him (because it invariably is a him and not a her) about his election promises. But no, I go ahead and tumble-dry wet clothes.

I asked a friend how she lived without one (her tumble-dryer I mean, she has an MP), she said her last one broke and she simply didn't replace it. 

So how can you cope without a tumble-dryer? Get extra radiator racks, definitely get an outside line or possibly one outside but under cover (is there a carport, conservatory or simply a well ventilated passageway you can put it in?) A couple of my friends have had sheilas put on the ceiling above a radiator and they work really well.

Healthy? Don't think it really makes a difference.
Green? Hell yes, very. 

Money saving? Yep
Lefty? Well it beats giving your money to the energy companies or a white goods manufacturer. So a little yes. 

Or you can ask your MP over for a cuppa.

There's no one left of here

I wrote this ages ago but somehow it disappeared. No idea why. So hear it is again.

I took a 'political compass' test this week.  If you'd like to take it to then I strongly suggest you click on this link and do it NOW as the post below could ruin your results for you.

It put me just left and slightly lower than the Dalai Lama.
What did that tell me? Well, in some ways nothing new. I am very left wing and quite libertarian. I'm proud to be what I think is a socialist, I can remember my Grandad telling me it was great thing "you should be proud to stand up for those who are not able to do it for themselves and share what you have with them" he told me "it is nothing to be ashamed of". I am proud. I'm also sad that it would seem that with this test at least half the of the Labour party leadership are not with me.
You can easily dismiss some of the questions as a bit vague and I admit that after years of taking magazine tests in teen mags and other media that frankly should know better I do tend to answer these in extremes (it's the only way to get an interesting answer).
If you don't look at the map you might end up exactly where you were heading.