Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Opps - I did it again!


This picture did make me laugh, but when I ‘liked’ it on Facebook some of my friends got quite upset. I understand that breastfeeding can be a very emotive issue, I myself get very upset when I think others are being critical of my little one’s extended nursing but should my friends understand that this is just a reflection of my sense of humour (and if they are going to be friends on facebook accept that they will see this sort of thing from time to time) or do they have a point? Is a group of breastfeeding mums laughing at a bottle of formula called Eveil, well evil? Are we hurting the people we should be reaching out to or should we all just get thicker skins?

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, now they are bleating on about how unfair it is that we have Breastfeeding cafes and they need help too. Apparently "all these links to breastfeeding are excessive and hurtful" - if you don't want to see them then why don't you take me off your list of friends?!!!