Sunday, 3 October 2010

So this is it?

Always been tempted to do one of these things.
I suspect it will start off as a way for me to rant and end up with me running out of things to rant about!
Of course i have to make the decision whether to tell anyone about it - if I don't then what's the point of it, if I do then I'll have to not rant about them! Perhaps it's better to establish myself and then make that decision!

Anyway that was boring, what things really interest me? Breastfeeding, I'm passionate about it (hence the title of the blog really!) I LOVE breastfeeding my little ones. I think it's been one of the most wonderful things being a mum has brought me (appart from the two little ones, obviously!) and I've found the stuff I've learned about breastfeeding and breastmilk simply fascinating and I really want to spread the word. That, I guess is the main reason for this blog.
What else, well all things in the field of fertility. We had to use assisted reproduction to make our family and I've found myself on various fertility groups and writing countless letters on the topic.
Parenting. Mostly attachment parenting (well it helps so much with the breastfeeding). I love reading other peoples ideas on it and sharing that information around.
Real nappies. Yes I am a fluff addict. I have around 100 nappies in my collection of various brands. I can't imagine why people wouldn't want to use them!
Left wing, feminist and eco-politics. According to my dad I married a "trendy-wendy-lefty-wefty-beardy-weirdy"! I did and he's fantastic. I suspect the whole village think we are a bit weird like that.
Science. Before my darling husband (here after DH) and the kids came along science was my life. It is still my life raft. It's what I look to for help to keep my head above the water when I feel like life is drowning me, I look for the science to help me sort it.
And somewhere inside all of that I still find time to read fiction and listen to music. Most listened to band - New Model Army. Most read author, probably Terry Pratchett.
Think that covers it for now.

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