Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mitosis (or 'One become two').

I've made a little decision. 

I'm going to split the cooking stuff from the opinion stuff. I like doing both and if you know me then you'll know that I wouldn't be able to give up having an 'opinion' on most things but I think if I want to get the word out about how to cook for 'sensitive' types then it's probably best if I move all the recipe stuff onto a different blog. 
For that reason I'm setting up a new thing which I'm calling 'The Trials of The Inclusive Cook', it will also have it's own page on Facebook just like this one.

After a blog piece on what Inclusive Cooking is all about (which might look a little familiar) I think I will start with recipes on lentil soup and move on to Christmas cake (don't cringe I need to make it soon if it is to age properly before icing!) Then, well who knows?!!

But don't worry, I'll keep on giving my opinions (for what they are worth) here!

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