Monday, 17 September 2012

The empty nest

My little one has started school. She seems so small, she only just weaned this month and a very large part of me doesn't want her to go but she wants to be there so I've not delayed her entry and there she is.
We're not given much choice in this country, either she can go to school or I can home school her. I'd love to do the later but she is a very social child and frankly our relationship seems to work best when we have at least a little time apart. I did think about trying homeschooling with my first with the idea that if it didn't workout we could always change our minds but it isn't that easy. The local schools are all very popular and over subscribed, if I tried to register her later then I may well have been faced with getting her to a school not in the next village, or even the one next to that but on the other side of our nearest town. (Don't worry, if you move into an area there is an obligation to find you a place at the nearest school, but register 'late' and it's a whole different kettle of fish!) Surely one of the upsides of school has to be forming friendships with other children that last outside of school and I just can't see that as a practical option if home is 8 miles away.
Turns out the local school is popular for a reason, it's really rather nice! The reception years unit has a nice relaxed air to it and the staff are progressive and committed. Shame therefor that Ofstead chose to call it 'satisfactory' as if maths and english scores at 11years old are the be all and end all of all primary education but I'll tackle that another time. Both girls really are very happy there and doing well so I must dry my wistful eyes on another tissue and find something else to do with our time apart. 
So far I have cleaned and scrubbed each room. I was getting ready for my roof to be replaced but I got a phone call last week to say they don't have enough scaffold so that is on hold. This morning I decided I'd give this blogging lark another bash and see if I can turn out a decent amount of writing between the loads of washing going in the machine. Don't expect another post tomorrow though as I'm off to London in the vague hope of landing a bit of work!! TTFN

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